Nano Water Proofing Barrier Coat
  • Category: Paint and Allied Products
  • Keywords: Water Proofing Compound, Water proofing Chemical, Nano Barrier Coat.
  • Manufacturer Name: I-Can Nano
  • Packing size: 25 KGS
  • Price: ₹1


Nanotechnology implemented water based epoxy based Nano barrier coat is durable, highly water repellent, UV resistant, fungus/ algae/ bacteria resistant, thermally insulating and elastomeric for water tank, swimming pool, bathroom sunk water proofing, rooftop and various interior surfaces where water seepage is to be arrested on the positive surface and also on the negative surface as well as having food grade hygienic property. BENEFITS: Outstanding adhesion – gets embedded in the surface (not film like), high resistance to water including consistent water pressure (such as water tank, swimming pool), high capillary pressure resistance, anti-bacterial, low VOC, UV resistance, high coverage area with desirable ease of application constitute the characteristics of the paint. Additional features include elastomericity (stretchable paint that cover cracks) and its ability to arrest salt formation. Also, it provides for optional thermal insulation for different varieties of high solar reflectance. Thermal emittance and low U value is also available for roof top applications.

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