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V&S Publishers

Street Address: V&S Publishers, F-2/16, Ansari Road, Daryaganj

City: New Delhi

Province/State: Delhi

Country: India

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Business Details: Leading Publishers of General & Academic Books for comman man and students that are modestly priced, informative and inspiring available on Amazon, Flipkart etc and as Ebooks nationwide. Homegrown written by and for indian authors in simple language.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

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Office Location: Delhi

The prince and the Pauper
  • Model No: 9789357943673
  • Category: Book Publishers
  • Keywords: The prince and the Pauper
  • Manufacturer Name: V&S Publishers
  • Packing size: Individually Shrink Wrapped
  • Price: ₹395


Published in 1882, The Prince and the Pauper is a historical fiction. The young British Prince Edward, son of Henry VIII and Tom Canty look alike. There is one difference between them: Tom Canty is a child of the London slums whereas Edward is heir to the throne of England. The two boys exchanges clothes on a whim. Tom lives in luxury and renders wise judgments, whereas the ragged Prince Edward roams the city and discovers the misery of the subjects. The real Prince wanders on the streets of London and learns about the sufferings of the common people of England. When King Henry dies, he returns to the palace to stop the coronation of the false Prince and takes his crown. He rules as a kind king. The real Prince Edward governs until his early death at the age of 15.