Fog Canon
  • Model No: FNTK-CS-1200
  • Category: Humidification and Ventilation Equipments
  • Keywords: Fog Canon, Dust Suppression, Fire Fighting, Mist Generator, Fogging Disinfection, Corona
  • Manufacturer Name: Fantek
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹185,000


FNTK-CS-1200 unit is the second largest unit in the FANTEK range of dust control unit. The powerful 11 kW fan can drive the mist droplets up to 35 m range. STANDARD DESIGN One stainless steel nozzle ring Nozzles made of brass Automatic horizontal oscillation 0-350° Booster pump to control the correct working pressure Pressure gauge Water Filter (mesh size 80 microns) Electric control panel Protection against dry-run Standard mount: skid mounted