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Province/State: West Bengal

Country: India

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Business Details: It was a great pleasure talking to you. As discussed, I would like to share my company's details on the Line of Business and mission. EcoMakeOvers is a Startup company that recently started in July 2019 based out of Kalimpong, West Bengal. We are mainly manufacturing eco-friendly paper-based products like Paper plates, Paper bags, Non-woven Bags and Screen Printing Services. Apart from this, we are also involved in CSR activities for promoting rural village socio-economic upliftment by generating employment opportunities through handicraft products specially made of ecofriendly in Natural Straw weeds and bamboo-based utility and homecare/home decor products from NorthEastern and North India. For the same reason, we are also helping poor families from Drought ridden and Flood affected areas. Thereby especially empowering rural women to earn a living by promoting and reviving their remarkable work of Folk Art, Handcrafted using Straw weeds to design utility products like Multipurpose Baskets, Table Mat, Pen holders, Boxes, Flower Vases, etc.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: We are mainly manufacturing eco-friendly handmade Paper bags and handicraft products specially made of ecofriendly in Natural Straw weeds and bamboo-based utility and homecare/home decor products.We also provide Screen Printing Services.

Office Location: West Bengal

Bamboo Water Bottle
  • Model No: Water Bottle
  • Category: Natural Dried Live and Grafted Plants
  • Keywords: EcoMakeOvers
  • Manufacturer Name:
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹1,500


Bamboo the longest grass, predominant in found North East which can be handcrafted to design various objects, tools and importantly cooking tools, pots and Bamboo water Bottle to keep water. The disposable plastic bottles are very bad for health and in summer can not be used as it becomes hot. Also disposable plastic bottles are hazards for environment pollution. Our company EcoMakeOvers is creating a bamboo water bottle by using an idea for keeping the environment safe as well healthy for human use. This eco-friendly bottle comes in various sizes. It is like any other plastic water bottle with a cork so that water has no chance of leaking also during the process of manufacturing the bottles are extensively treated to make them bacteria free, hygienic and safe for storing human consumable water in all environment. MAINTENANCE: • Wash the interior of the water bottle for just 2 minutes with a brush once every week. • Keep the Bottle Dry when not in Use & don’t keep water in the bottle for more than 36 hours. • Don’t screw the cap of the bottle more than its limit. You can buy here the differently designed and sized bamboo bottles online, If you have any special requirement please chat us in product section