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Street Address: Sovhozny pereulok 38

City: PereslavlZalessky

Province/State: Yaroslavl region

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Production for export of high quality kraft-paper packaging

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Kraft paper

Office Location: Yaroslavl region

Open-type paper , multilayers bags/sack
  • Category: Packaging Bags
  • Keywords: Paper bag, kraft paper bag
  • Manufacturer Name: Ecopacksnab
  • Packing size: Bags / sacks 25 kg: 2,000 PCs on 1 Euro pallets Weight 450 kg
  • Price: ₹1


2-4 layers. Top layer could be: Label paper - 100% bleached pulp; White Karaft paper high-strength white microcreped paper A full- color printing or only technical information can be applied on top layer of the bags (4-5 colors). Inner layers – brown Kraft paper Paper density 70-90g/m2 The bags have a safety certificate for food packaging. Delivery on terms FOB/CIF Sizes: 920x500x130 780x450x130 or individual sizes of the customer Field of application: Open multilayer paper bags/sacks are intended for all types of flour and flour semi-finished products, cereals, grain, plant seeds, nuts, breadcrumbs and other grocery products on automatic or semi-automatic equipment. Product weight – 25 kg to 30 kg (depends on the specific density of the product). Quantity from 150,000 pieces of one bags size Transport packaging: Euro pallets using a palletizer, covered with several layers of paper and / or stretch film, and fixed with a wooden shield Bags / sacks 25 kg: 2,000 PCs on 1 Euro pallets Weight 450 kg