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Street Address: 30-197-34


Province/State: Andhra Pradesh

Country: India

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Business Details: Ayurvedic and hygienic care products

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Sanitizer, Multi surface cleaning biodegradable liquid, fabric wash biodegradable liquid, Shampoo, foot care oil, facial oil, aromatherapy oil, disinfect

Office Location: Andhra Pradesh

paripoorna ayushman bhava vegetable and fruit wash liquid
  • Model No: sgh/vaf
  • Category: Hygiene and Healthcare Products
  • Keywords: vegetable and fruit wash liquid
  • Manufacturer Name: manufacturer
  • Packing size: 500 ml
  • Price: ₹200


With immense pleasure we would like to introduce PARIPOORNA VEGGI AND FRUIT WASH a novel and innovative formulation to bring down the pesticide residue level from fresh fruits and vegetable, which supposed to be consume raw or by cooking. This pesticide residues poses great harm to human body by causing innumerable diseases Key benefits are: 1. Washes off all pesticide residues from fruit and veggies skin 2. Removes synthetic wax coating on apples 3. Tulsi and Haridra extracts effectively kills germs and sanitizes fruits and veggies 4. Ideal for sanitizing organic fruits and veggies 5. Removes artificial color from surface of skin 6. Environment friendly, fully biodegradable Ingredients: Aqueous extract of Soapnut, Tulsi, Haridra and others. Food-Grade gum, Food-Grade preservative