Filter Elements
  • Model No: FE
  • Category: Filter Cartridge
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  • Manufacturer Name: GTS Filters And Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Packing size: As per Design
  • Price: ₹1,000


We offer filter elements for air, gas and liquid applications. Our Filter Elements are designed with various type of fabric, paper, synthetic, polyester, pp, coalescing, borosilicate glass fibre, activated carbon, HDPE, non-woven, stainless steel wire mesh, sintered bronze, sintered wire mesh and sintered powder filter medias. This filter elements available in plain cylindrical (Wrap Type) and pleated configurations to increase filtration area. We offer high temperature resistance and can withstand high differential pressure and customized design in filter elements. Our filter elements available with positive sealing like ‘O’ ring, Gasket, Threaded connection, code 7 type and TC connection to ensure leakage. Filter elements made with chemical adhesive or fully welded joints. For various type of oil filtration application, we offer bypass arrangement in our filter elements. We also manufacture retrofit or replacement or equivalent filter elements. Advantages: a) Low Pressure drops b) High Temperature Registration c) Leak proof d) High Dirt Holding Capacity e) Easy to clean f) High differential pressure with stand g) Ease to install and remove h) End caps with MOC of Plastic, MS, SS, Aluminium, Polyurethane, etc i) Customized design Applications: a) Refineries and Petrochemicals b) Power Plants c) Oil & Gas d) Water filtration and Cooling Towers e) Chemical Industries f) Automobile Industries g) Steel Industries, Metals & Minerals h) Textile Industries i) Dairy and Food Industries j) Dyes, Inks and paints Industries k) Cement Industries l) Fertilizers Industries m) Pharmaceuticals n) Coolant Oils and Cutting Fluids