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Street Address: DBS House Prescott Road

City: Fort Mumbai

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: XETEX Industries Private Limited is involved in manufacturing of Polypropylene (PP) Construction Fibers, construction chemicals, like curing compounds, hardeners, densifiers, sealers and special chemicals like lithium silicate, nanosilica etc. for construction and allied industries.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Polypropylene Construction Fiber, Concrete Fiber, Lithium Silicate, Micro Silica, Nano Silica, Acrylic Coating, Concrete Hardener, Admixture, Potassium Silicate, Concrete Densifier, Concrete Sealer, Admixture, Plasticizer, waterproofing chemicals, curing compound, Bonding agent

Office Location: Maharashtra

Graded PP Construction Fiber
  • Model No: CPPST
  • Category: Builders and Construction Hardware
  • Keywords: PP Fiber, Polypropylene Fibre, Construction Fiber, Mortar Additives, Cement Additives, Refractory Fibers, Concrete Fiber, Concrete reinforcement Fiber
  • Manufacturer Name: Xetex Industries Private Limited
  • Packing size: 20 kg Loose
  • Price: ₹150


CETEX CPPST are graded (mixed length) Polypropylene (PP) synthetic fibers suitable for various concrete structural works. It is a blend of 24 to 50mm length fibers. Each fiber being longer than maximum size of aggregate, hence each and every strand of fiber is effectively reinforces. Due to long length, 48 - 50mm gives better anchorage and reinforcement while 24mm increases the number of fibers in a given dosage, preventing crack formation. It has been found that graded fibers give better result compared to individual length fibers. It is the most popular for concrete application.Suitable care has been taken to ensure dispersion of fibers. It conforms to ASTM C 1116/C 1116M & BS EN 14889-2:2006. It is recommended for heavy load bearing structures like Industrial floor, road, high impact concrete, slabs, dams, etc. DOSAGE For crack prevention- 600gm/m3(minimum); Recommended Dosage - 900gm/m3 For primary reinforcement (in concrete floors/precast)-Above 1.0 - 6.0 kg/m3. Results improve with higher dosage of fiber. Kindly optimize the dosage depending on the requirement.