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Best Care Tissues & Hygiene LLP

Street Address: 7279, Street No. 2, Prem Nagar

City: Delhi

Province/State: Delhi

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Best Care Tissues & Hygiene LLP - Wholesaler of air freshener refill, oxygen pro & oxygen viva refill and dispenser & auto urinal / wc clean dispenser & refill 60 days since 2005 in Delhi.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Hygiene Products, Housekeeping products, Washroom Hygiene Dispenser, Air Freshener, Oxygen Viva freshener, Hygiene Fresh, FDT, Foam Soap Pouch, Hand sanitizer, HRT Roll, Tissue paper products,

Office Location: Delhi

Virus Blocker Disinfectant Card
  • Category: Houskeeping Cleaning And Maintenance Services
  • Keywords: Virus Blocker Disinfectant Card
  • Manufacturer Name: Made in Japan
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹90


99.9% Sterilization Rate. Protection for 30 days Guaranteed (after opening).