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Mithila Consumer Goods Pvt Ltd

Street Address: LeelaShray, Raman Lata Kunj Marg, Village - Jarail

City: Madhubani

Province/State: Bihar

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We farm, process, value add, brand building and retail food products from Bihar

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Makhana, Fox Nut, Gorgon Nut, Natural Pickles, Madhubani Makhana, Mithila Makhana, Achar, FlaxSeed, Alsi, Satttu, Kheer, Makhana Desserts, Mango Pulp, Litchi, Badiya

Office Location: Bihar

Natural Sun Dried Pickles, Traditional Preparation – Jack Fruit (Kathal)
  • Model No: MP-211-JKP
  • Category: Pickles and Murabba
  • Keywords: Mango, Pickles, Murabba, Mustard Achar, Kathal ka Achar, Jack Fruit Pickles, JackFruit Pickles,
  • Manufacturer Name: Mithila Consumer Goods Private Limited
  • Packing size: 300 gram
  • Price: ₹250


Mithila Naturals®, brings you the choicest of kitchen essentials while preserving the taste & essence of home made pickles. A tongue tickling blend of pickles mangoes and exotic spices, it is a flavorful condiment companion for many of the Indian cuisines. Made in Mithila with pure handmade mustard oil, home grown mango and spices. Our all pickles varieties are packed in non reactive glass jar which is hygienic in highest standard and it certainly remind you of traditional glass container and china clay pot which was used to store pickles until few years back. It is healthy and tasty and as delicious as it was few years back by grand mom generation. Our pickles are made at home using cold Pressed pure oil, which makes the pickles healthier and testier, while retaining the traditional touch.