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Street Address: Shed No 9 Khodiyar Industrial Estate kathwada GIDC Road No 5


Province/State: Gujarat

Country: India

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Business Details: Axicon Automation is a leading name in the domain of Fiber Laser Marking Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Industrial Laser Welding Machine, Co2 Engraving Machine & Customized Laser Solution Provider. That are widely used in the manufacturing of semiconductor, automobile parts, machines, etc. These machines are also demanded in packaging, leather, plastic, military, medical equipment and other industrial sectors. We build automation Laser Marking processing systems like simple parts handling, rotary marking, HMI Controlled automation marking system, conveyor system on the basis of On-the-Fly (OTF) technology as they pass through the laser field. This ensures unmatched output and excellent manufacturing of converting lines and different automation systems. Laser marking is ideal for the creation of identification labels as they are extremely resistant to heat and mechanical stress. Even under the toughest conditions, laser markings on stainless steel, hardened and coated metals, some plastics and ceramics remain permanently legible. It can mark production codes, data matrix code, lettering, logos or dimensions, company name, trademark, serial number, QR code, barcode etc. with our laser marking system. Innovative ideas, modern technologies and latest raw materials are combined to design the best. Every single detail and quality norm is taken into consideration during the development of the machines. Easy to install and easy to operate, these machines possess the potential to replace most of the machines and manual work in industries. www.axiconautomation.com

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, laser printing machine, laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, laser etching machine, Laser, marking machine

Office Location: Gujarat

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • Model No: FALCON
  • Category: Laser Cutting Machines
  • Keywords: laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, sheet metal laser cutting machine, Automatic CNC Laser Cutting Machine, IPG Dual Palate Laser Cutting machine, High Speed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, metal laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine price, co2 laser marking machine, co2 engraving cutting machine
  • Manufacturer Name: OEM
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹3,600,000


This Machine Is Engineered With High Cutting Speed, Acceleration And Efficient Working Transmission System To Cut Metal With High Precision And Gives The Client Satisfaction. 500W | 1000W | 1500W | 5000W FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE What is new about our product? Laser cutting is a technological procedure by which metal and some of the non-metal materials are cut with great precision as per the requirement. Frequently the laser beam diameter is in between 0.1 mm and 0.3 mm with power range of 500 w to 5000 w. We can adjust the power subject to the type of material and the thickness of the material. Laser cutting technologically involves the use of pulsed or continuous Q switched fiber laser beam which cut a wide range of material with higher-level of accuracy, which is highly iterative. From simple to the most complex, hard and intricate shapes can be precisely cut with Q switched fiber laser machine where the user has complete control over the beam intensity. Laser cutting machine is used for cutting highly accurate, excellent quality, precise, fast and force-free cutting on mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, graphite, titanium and metal alloy plates for cutting intricate shapes and holes in pipe cutting, saw cutting, drilling and punching applications. Features: 1. Carbon steel plate welding, structural stability, high temperature annealing. 2. Dual axis center finishing, high strength and good rigidity. 3. Such as good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, low density, and greatly increase the processing speed. 4. Automatic focus adjustment, no manual. 5. It adopts an up and down exchange platform;The converter is responsible for controlling ,the exchanging motor. The machine is able to finish the platform exchanging within 36s. Characteristics: 1. Stability and reliability of light path system and control system. 2. Imported original fiber lasers,high and stable function,lifespan is over 100000 hours. 3. Higher cutting quality and efficiency ,cutting speed is up to 90m/min with appearance and beautiful cutting edge. 4. German high performance reducer,gear and rack;Japanese guide and all screw. 5. Stiffeners are arranged inside the tubes to increase the strength and tensile strength of the bed, it also increases the resistance and stability of the guide rail so as to effectively avoid the deformation of the bed. Our Service: 1. The company who initially provide 2 years warranty in the world, 2. 24-hour full after sales service. 3. All finished machine we delivered are 100% strictly tested by our QC department and engineering department. 4. Our Service Customized and OEM orders are welcome due to our abundant experiences. All the OEM services are free.