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C.C Engineers Private Limited

Street Address: 1087 Hare Krishna Mandir Road

City: PUNE

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

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Business Details: C.C. Engineers is the pioneer and leader in India for imparting and contributing towards quality training in Railway and is proud to announce to all our valued customers, whom we consider a partner in the progress of our organization, that we have been supplying quality trainers for the last 33 years. C.C. has been indigenously manufacturing and supplying Simulators to various Railway and Metro Training Centre’s for 18 years now and are proud to be an MSME (MSE) with the largest Indian Service Provider for Training Equipment to the Indian Railways. All goods are manufactured in Pune and qualify for Make in India benefits of Government of India.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Braking System Simulator. Loco hauled/EMU-MEMU/DEMU/Metro Train / Monorail and Highspeed Trains / Simulators with Motion Platform or Without Motion Platform. Loco hauled/EMU-MEMU/DEMU/Metro Train Monorail, Highspeed trains / Trainer / Simulator / System. Troubleshooting & Maintenance Simulators for Loco - EMU. Competitive Skills / Infrastructure & Management Skill Development / Training Software’s. Model Room / Diesel Loco / Electrical Loco / Carriage & Wagon, Mechatronics Lab & Mechanical Lab. Museology and Interactive Displays. Simulators for other

Office Location: Maharashtra

Maintenance simulators
  • Category: Automobile
  • Keywords: maintenance training simulator traction auxiliary TCMS brake HVAC air bogie suspension virtual reality Mixed reality
  • Manufacturer Name: C.C Engineers
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹10,000,000


These simulators assist trainees in understanding the normal working of each sub-system and recreate the troubleshooting environment. In a safe environment, the trainee can learn the electric, control and software signals that are exchanged between the system and its controlling microprocessor and understand the communication and signals exchanged between the system microprocessor and train/vehicle control and management system (TCMS). These simulators are essential in helping trainees to understand the importance and functioning of trainlines and in familiarizing them with each subsystem up to the last replaceable component.