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Milivolt Drop Tester
  • Model No: MVDT
  • Category: Engineering Goods and Equipment
  • Keywords: Milivolt Drop Tester, Voltage Drop Tester
  • Manufacturer Name: SureView Instruments LLP
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  • Price: ₹100,000


The SureView Voltage Drop Tester is an industry acclaimed product. MVDT has a specially built constant current source (current generator) up to 400A (depending on model) and a dedicated PLC to store test parameters (in automatic models), perform test procedure, make the voltage drop & junction resistance measurements and store test results, that can be retrieved later or downloaded to PC. PC based TestWare can display the test results & export those to Office, HTML, Printer or PDF. In Automatic model the current is set with the micro-controller based PLC. The current is adjusted automatically to set value. When the test is started after adjustment of current, voltage drop reading is captured and displayed on the same display. One can set the lower and upper limits of voltage drop to set the limit. The mV meter is auto ranging type. The readings are stored in the memory and can be downloaded to PC. Principle of operation: This is a 4 terminal measurement. A specified constant current (1A to 400A) is passed through the device under test and voltage drop is measured with a voltmeter. The measurement system also can compute the junction or conductor resistance (micro-ohm) with this tester. About our DC Constant Current Source: DC Constant Current Source: This is a DC constant current source of continuous duty cycle with line & load regulation better than 0.2%. Its output (test) current is adjusted by the PLC (in automatic version) or with the multi-turn potentiometer (in manual version). This unit is light in weight and portable with great degree of reliability. This is available as a stand-alone continuous current generator from 1A to 800A. Industrial & Lab Applications: Switchboard Panel Manufacturers to measure drop across bus bar joints MCB, MCCB, VCB, ACB, Oil CB, SF6 CB, Fuse manufacturers to accurately measure voltage drop across bus bar joints High horse power armature and motor manufacturers for testing of armature resistances Transformer manufacturers for measuring various drops and resistances in large power transformers Contactor manufacturers for measuring voltage drops at high currents Various other applications wherein accurate voltage drop at high currents is to be measured accurately Various types of Electrical and Calibration Test Labs & assessment agencies

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