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Street Address: 105, BHOOMI SQUARE, Plot No.14

City: Navi Mumbai

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

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Business Details: "Hubluxe Engineering is among the top industrial valve manufacturing company located in India. The company manufactures a diverse range of industrial valves for various applications. The valve range it covers is: • Damper valves • Rotary airlock valve • Knife edge gate valve • Slurry valve • PP valves & PP Tanks • Ball valve • Butterfly valve • Gate valve • Globe valve • Check valve • Strainers (Y type, basket, duplex)

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Damper valves, Rotary airlock valves, Knife edge gate valves, Slurry valves, Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Gate, Globe, Check valve, Strainers, Blowers

Office Location: Maharashtra

Guillotine Damper
  • Category: Valve
  • Keywords: Guillotine Damper, Guillotine Damper valves,
  • Manufacturer Name: Hubluxe
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹6,500


We manufacture Guillotine Damper valves for HVAC, precipitators, oxidizers, incinerators, heaters, and boilers.