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Wellcare Oil Tools Unit II Private Limited

Street Address: Karoli

City: Alwar

Province/State: Rajasthan

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company WELLCARE OIL TOOLS an established manufacturer and Service provider of a wide range of Downhole completion tools and Liner Hanger system & accessories We have a broad spectrum of products in our portfolio as mentioned below:- • Mechanical and Hydraulic Set Packers & Accessories (Hydraulic / Mechanical Set or Permanent / Retrievable type) • Seal Bore Packers and its Accessories (Hydraulic / Wireline Set or Permanent / Retrievable Type) • Bridge Plugs & Cement Retainers (Hydraulic / Mechanical Set or Permanent / Retrievable type) • Flow Controls Equipment & Accessories • Milling Tools. • Casing cementing head & Cementing manifold • Float equipment • Centralizers & Stop Collars • Liner Hanger System & Accessories .

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Production Packer, Retrievable Packer, Permanent Packer, Mechanical Packer, Bridge Plug, Cement Retainer, Liner Hanger system,

Office Location: Rajasthan

  • Model No: Model No.: MECH-1 /20901(SINGLE GRIP) Model No.:MECH-2 /20902 (DOUBLE GRIP)
  • Category: Petroleum and Products
  • Keywords: Downhole, Completion Tools, Oilfield Equipment, Production Packer, Mechanical Production Packer,
  • Manufacturer Name: Manufactirer
  • Packing size: 4-1/2'' to 7-5/8''
  • Price: ₹1


This packer is a retrievable set down packer that features a large by pass area through packer. The bypass area is controlled by a face seal type bypass valve which actuated by a 30 inch stroke mandrel. The packer is available in a single grip version for use as a conventional long-stroke production packer and in a double-grip version (with hold down) for combination production as well as stimulation operation. The double–grip packer for use where pressure differential from below the packer is anticipated features an integral hydraulic button-type hold down that is located below the bypass valve.