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Street Address: 1H-31A NIT Faridabad

City: Faridabad

Province/State: Haryana

Country: India

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Business Details: Lockout Tagout & Safety Products - Global Manufacturer - OEM Supplier with fast and effective instant loto & safety Solution for your industrial needs. Contact us on +91-9810291381

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: lockout tagout, safety products, industrial safety products, safety lockout, safety padlocks

Office Location: Haryana

Krm Loto - Red Osha Lockout Tagout Maintenance Kit
  • Model No: KRM-K-OLTMK-1520-R
  • Category: Industrial Tools
  • Keywords: lockout tagout kit, lockout tagout kits, osha lockout kit, safety lockout kit, industrial safety kit, safety maintenance kit
  • Manufacturer Name: KRM CORPORATION
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹11,805


KRM-K-VCH-R-S 25, Red Vinyl Moulded Coated Hasp - Small Jaw Dia - 25mm No-1 KRM-K-NH-4, Red Di-Electric Multi-device hasp with 4 holes NO-1 KRM-K-MPUCBL, MULTI-POLE UNIVERSAL CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCKOUT NO-1 KRM-K-CBL-1, CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCKOUT NO-1 KRM-K-CBL-3, CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCKOUT – ONE POLE/SINGLE POLE NO-1 KRM-K-PIN IN CBL-B-1, PIN IN CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCKOUT NO-1 KRM-K-PINOUT CBL-BL-1, PINOUT CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCKOUT NO-1 KRM-K-OSLTP-C-MDK, Red OSHA Safety Lock Tag Padlocks With differ key - 38 mm Height NO-1 KRM-K-OSLTP-C-NDK, Green OSHA Safety Lock Tag Padlocks With differ key - 38 mm Height - Nylon Shackle NO-1 KRM-K-RMCLT-6, Round Multipurpose cable lockout Color-Red NO-1 KRM-K-GVL-02, Emergency Switch/Push Button Lockout NO-1 KRM-K-MITH, MINI TAG HOLDER NO-1 KRM-K-MIT, MINI INSPECTION TAG NO-2 KRM-K-LT#10451, LOCKOUT TAG 2 COLOR NO-5 KRM-K-LEP-R, LOCKOUT BAG RED NO-1