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MGA Electronics

Street Address: 34 a narayan nagar lucknow

City: Lucknow

Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We manufactures best technology, modern Battery chargers which applicable on charge all Automotive batteries, SMPS Batteries, VRLA Batteries, TUBULAR Batteries, Inverter Batteries etc with automatic cutoff and inbuilt Turbo charge features.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Starting Way Back in 2002 we had started under the brand name MGA zip , we manufacturing Electronic Products Like , Battery Chargers, Solar products , Servo etc. We are among top 10 Battery Charger Players. A One Stop Shop For Complete Power Solutions. We Provide Best Features In Our Products With Reliability & Digital Programmable features.

Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

  • Model No: POWER24
  • Category: Chargers
  • Keywords: MGA Charger offers robust fully Automatic ,Float, Boost Battery Chargers for VRLA, Flooded, SMF, Nickel Cadmium, Li-ion battery types. Our compact, portable, rapid chargers are SMPS based and are protected against corrosive environments . Use for Industrial , Automatic, Automotive, Tubular, Flooded, Car, Truck & Inverter Battery 1 & 2 Batteries(12 V) @3 to 10 Amps
  • Manufacturer Name: MGA Zip
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹3,187


POWER -24 charger manufacture with best quality with high efficient performance & used to charge 10 AH TO 100 AH And above batteries, This charger gives 1 To 10 A output current to charge batteries. •• Charger Automatically Cut off , if Normal mode Battery Charging one Battery switch 14.8 cut off & Restart charging less than 13.60 V / Two Batteries switch 29.6 cut off & Restart charging less than 27.2 V & Smart Mode after three times software testing full charge cut off restart charging less than one battery 12.60 V. In two batteries 27.20 V . Pic up gravity Full that is why its saves electricity and help to increase charger life.. Power 24 is highly Reliable & portable charger. This Charger contains digital ampere meter which shows charging ampere and volt meter which shows voltage of battery & Charging time in Hours meter. Along with this feature it has volume controlling system for current setting. How we install: that we set ampere through volume of ampere: For VRLA / TUBULAR/ SMF we set voltage at Normal Mode • For Tubular we set Voltage at smart mode . For pick up gravity of Deep Discharge Battery . silelent feature OPERATING VOLTAGE 140V- 270V NO OF BATTERIES CHARGE AT A TIME 1or 2 (12V,24V) VOLTAGE /AMPS/Hours/Normal/Smart Mode LCD display CHARGING BATTERY RATING 7AH-120AH AUTO CUTOFF FULL CHARGING SYSTEM CHARGING CURRENT SUPPLY TO BATTERIES 1A-10A INDUSTRIAL / WORKSHOP / SERVICE CENTER & HOME USED CHARGER