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Street Address: Flat No:- stanes st, Building:- TIRUPUR TOWERS, Road/Street:- SBI NEAR, Village/Town:- ODAKADU, Block:- TIRUPUR, City:- TIRUPUR


Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

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Business Details: Greetings from Athmasugam Welfare Trust With reference to the above, our Trust (Athmusugam Welfare Trust, Reg. No : 32/2017 ) is a trust registered in Tirupur. We are Conducting training program and working in Tirupur , Erode,Salem, Dindigul, Karur, Coimbatore cities. For the past two year, we have been offering a widerange of training programs ( Health & Hygiene Programs, Internal Complaints committee Programs, HIV/AIDS awareness Programs,TB, Stress Management Programs, Freedoam of Association Training and all Kind of Motivational Training ) for Male and Female at their workplace and Schools. We also wish to inform that we have got experienced resource persons handling Motivational Awareness and coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and sessions and also referred at workplace. . We look forward for your favourable consideration.

Business Type: Service Sector

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Office Location: Tamil Nadu

Pest Control Service
  • Category: Non Government Organizations
  • Keywords: Termite Control,Cockroach Control,Mosquito Control,Flies Control,Rodent Control,Mosquitoes are known for spreading deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria, plaque, chikungunya, etc. They are a real threat to our lives and effective measures must be practiced to eliminate the areas where they thrive, areas such as places where excess water is stored, drainage, etc. The bites of mosquitos are known to leaves itchy marks and keeps us awake all night. In cool condition, the risk of getting mosquitoes-borne diseases are quite high.Our certified experts, first of all, execute a comprehensive assessment of a specific area in order to look out for an infestation. Book Now
  • Manufacturer Name: We Protect Your Home From Termites, Bedbugs Cockrochs, Flies, Mosquitos and Rodents
  • Packing size: We Provide Cost Effective Service Safe Work & Satisfaction Quick Response & 24/7 Support Less Time Done More
  • Price: ₹1,500


We offers a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services through a statewide network. Over the years, Athmasugam pest Pvt Ltd has constantly endeavoured to introduce better and more cost-effective pest management technology for services. Vision and foresight coupled with the desire to constantly improve has enabled us to retain our premier status in the state today.