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Street Address: LL2 Avani Plaza Satellite

City: Ahmedabad

Province/State: Gujarat

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We supply electronic spare parts for Heidelberg, Komori, Ryobi, Shinohara, Mitsubishi & other sheet fed offset printing machines.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Heidelberg, Komori, Ryobi, Shinohara, Mitsubishi, Roland, LTK500, EAK2, SSK2, NTK85, KLM4, HAK2, STK, DNK, SPK, BEK, RGP, MD400F640PD1A,TE16KJ2, SAYAMA, PG400640RA9, MWE, ESK, SEK2, SAK2, RL2, RL3, RL12, RL15, SLT, BLT, ZSK, FKMD, FKMS, DIPM, AIOB, IOPB, MSK, SCUB, ANZ, EPM, LTM300, ICPB, TSK, CDAB380, GRM120, CPC, PQC, SRJ, SRK

Office Location: Gujarat

  • Category: Printing and Allied Machinery and Equipment
  • Keywords: 00.781.4795, 91.144.6021, 00.781.2891, 00.785.0770, 00.781.2192, 00.785.0391, Heidelberg offset machine spare parts, SM74, SM102, SM52, CD102, CD74, MOV, EAK, EAK2, EAK4
  • Manufacturer Name:
  • Packing size: 1
  • Price: ₹1


It is a printed circuit board, used in Heidelberg offset printing machines.