Rotabloc Rotary UPS System
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  • Manufacturer Name: IEM
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  • Price: ₹20,000,000


Rotary UPS To provide the complete protection of the critical loads we introduce a Rotabloc RBT a rotary uninterruptible power supply (RUPS) designed to protect sensitive users against electrical disturbances coming from the mains, such as total power failures, micro-cuts, voltage drops and surges, slow voltage fluctuations, etc. It also improves the power quality of the installation by compensating the power factor, by rebalancing the phase currents and filtering harmonic currents generated by non-linear loads. The energy storage gives a minimum autonomy of 10 seconds at full load (adjustable depending on model and application). When longer cuts must be covered, the RBT can be connected to a power generator via an automatic transfer switch (ATS).The Rotabloc RBT is mainly constituted of one or two electrical machines called "Rotabloc", a control cabinet, a power cabinet and one or two VFD cabinets. The Rotabloc machine is a compact set composed of a synchronous alternator, a patented energy accumulator and an integrated pony motor. The whole is built on a highly rigid frame placed on vibration dampers.

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