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Plasmaberry Solar Pvt Ltd

Street Address: 207/B, Kailas Industrial complex, Godrej -Hiranandani Link Road

City: Vikroli West Mumbai

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We are specialist into Solar Module Cleaning Systems and Solutions. We offer manual module cleaning as well automated. Our automation system is based on either water Sprinkler based or Robotics. We also implement Module Cleaning Systems for MW projects.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Solar, Module Cleaning Services, Robotic Module Cleaning, Sprinkler based module cleaning, Module Cleaning System,

Office Location: Maharashtra

Micro-Sprinkler based automated Solar Module Cleaning System
  • Category: SOLAR
  • Keywords: Sprinkler, automated, module, cleaning, waterbased, schedule
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  • Price: ₹1,500


Water Based Cleaning using Micro-Sprinklers - In this cleaning system, specially designed water micro-sprinklers are used. The micro-sprinkler is dedicated to every module and serves cleaning process independently to module. Portrait geometry modules require one sprinkler, however for landscape geometry, pair of sprinklers are required. The entire system is divided into following subsystems. a.uPVC Piping - for circulating plain water across all the micro-sprinklers. uPVC ( Sch-40) quality of pipe ensure long life even though pipes are exposed to UV rays in open environment. b. Micro Sprinklers - Micro Sprinklers are connected to uPVC piping through drip laterals. The unit has a capacity to create water umbrella of radius 1.5-1.8 m in single direction ( 180 degree ) at terminal pressure of 3 BAR. c.Filtration Unit - The water screen filtration unit ensures no dust gets transferred to tinny micro-sprinklers nozzles. d.Pumping Unit - The water needs to be pumped in the entire system with enough pressure and discharge. Every micro-sprinkler required terminal pressure of 3 BAR with discharge of 100 LPH. The pumping system needs to be designed based on the no. Of sprinklers in use and site demography. e.Storage System - Typically pumping system is connected with water storage of minimum one cleaning cycle. f.Automation Controller - The microprocessor based controller helps setting up cleaning schedules of `day / week. There is facility to set more than one cleaning cycles in a day if required . Automation controller divides large no. Of micro-sprinklers into physical zones and sequentially fired. The entire system is operationally human independent. System uses approximately 1.5 to 1.7 Ltr of water per module per cleaning cycles and virtually requires no maintenance since there are no moving parts in operation. The system is more applicable and useful, for Rooftop solar System from size of 3 KW to 900KW. It is advisable to plan atleast one cleaning cycle per day for , better cleaning effectiveness. System work more efficiently, if the solar panels are treated with Anti Dust Shielding so that moist soiling and bird dropping does not stick to PV areas of the module.