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Roop agriculture works

Street Address: Flat No:- SARDAR INDUSTRIES, Building:- ROOP AGRICULTURE WORKS, Road/Street:- SH-12A bhikhi road, Village/Town:- KHIALA KALLAN, Block:- MANSA, City:- MANSA


Province/State: Punjab

Country: India

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Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: AGRICULTUREFarm dairy harvesting and land preparation Machinery & Implements Manufacturer Straw reaper mould board plough rotavator happy seeder super see

Office Location: Punjab

  • Category: Food Processing Plants Machinery and Equipment
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  • Manufacturer Name: SARDAR
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹135,000


The Tractor Operated Chaff Cutter / Kutti Machine / Toka is one of the offered models of Chaff Cutter / Kutti Machine / Toka from SARDAR BRAND which can be suitably driven on 25 HP or above Tractor through a PTO and Shaft arrangement. In case a Tractor is not available. Fully suitable for towing so as to carry from one place to another. This Chaff Cutter / Kutti Machine can be efficiently utilized for cutting dry or green fodder for the animals. Feeding the animals with the fodder prepared by the Chaff Cutter / Kutti Machines, helps in easy digestion. In case, of cattles and other animals, their milk yielding capacity is found to be increased after they have been fed with the fodder cut from a Chaff Cutter / Kutti Machine / . Sardar Kutti Machine is the most successful implement for rice residue without burning rice residue.