5GHz 433Mbps Outdoor 23dBi Dish Wireless Bridge/CPE/ROUTER
  • Model No: WIs-D523AC
  • Category: C General Trade Agents
  • Keywords: WIS-D523 is a 433Mbps outdoor wireless dish bridge for long range point-to-point and point-to-multi-point solutions. It is the most cost-effective and ultimate solution for WISP CPE, which provides incredible long range much better than any other vendors solution.
  • Manufacturer Name: WIS
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹8,100


5GHz 300Mbps 2x2 MIMO,Outdoor,200Mw,WiD TDMA 23dBi dual polarised Disc antenna, LAN,24V Passive PoE, and 16kV ESD protection,