• Category: Edible Oil and Oil Products
  • Keywords: Pure, Natural, Chemical free, No Preservative, Premium quality, Cold-pressed, Lakdi Ghani, Kacchi Ghani, Wood pressed, ISO Certified, Sesame Oil, Edible Oil
  • Manufacturer Name: Swades Oil Mills Private Limited
  • Packing size: 1000ml
  • Price: ₹520


1. Sesame oil contains sesamol and sesaminol, two antioxidants that have powerful effects on health. 2. Has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Diet rich in unsaturated fats are good for heart health. Loaded with Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA). It also aids in decreasing Cholesterol. 3. It has been observed to stop the formation of malignant melanoma in vitro and the propagation of cancer cells in the human gut. 4. It is beneficial for protection against UV rays. 5. Sesamin possesses bactericide plus insect-killing activities.