• Category: Edible Oil and Oil Products
  • Keywords: Pure, Natural, Chemical free, No Preservative, Premium quality, Cold-pressed, Lakdi Ghani, Kacchi Ghani, Wood pressed, ISO Certified, Almond Oil, Edible Oil, Kashmir Almond
  • Manufacturer Name: Swades Oil Mills Private Limited
  • Packing size: 1000ml
  • Price: ₹3,000


Saivaa Premium Cold-Pressed Almond Oil is made with Premium quality Almonds which are slowly crushed in Wooden Churner/Wood Press for close to 2 hours without applying any heat to ensure all body nourishing nutrients and the natural goodness of Almonds stay intact in the oil during extraction process of our Pure, Natural Almond Oil. Our oil is Pure Natural Chemical and Preservative Free Product. Made with most care and hygiene for your consumption.