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J K Tiles Machinery

Street Address: Plot No. 518, Village Bowrampet, Bachupally DPS Road.

City: Hyderabad

Province/State: Telangana

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: JK TILES MACHINERY  is a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of high Demand Tiles making machine product since  1995 and is work like a industry leader in Tiles making machine .We have a very large factory setup with 4 branches in India 1-Delhi & NCR  2-Bhuvneshwar, Odisha 3- Guwahati, Assam 4- Hyderabad, Telangana Manufacturing  high quality- fly ash brick Making machine ,Paver block making Machine, Concrete block making Machine, Hollow block making Machine, Interlocking bricks making machine and cement brick making machine etc. JK TILES MACHINERY headquarter is  in Delhi & NCR and apparat from this we have 3 more branches in India 1 - Bhuvneshwar, Odisha 2- Guwahati, Assam 3- Hyderabad, Telangana . It is equipped with the latest Technology and state of art manufacturing facilities. They also have a very good Corporate office setup along with modern communication facilities. The in-house manufacturing capabilities help them to response prompt at each and every stage of the manufacturing process. At JK TILES MACHINERY, they have a large experienced and expert team of professionals. They strive continually to provide excellent quality Product & Service that are of International standards. The team consisted of very good Young, Energetic and Enthusiastic and Experienced members.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

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Office Location: Telangana

Block Making Machine
  • Model No: JK EVEREST 2200
  • Category: Industrial Machinery and Parts
  • Keywords: flyash, flyash brick making machine, cement tiles making machine, concrete block making machine, block making machine, paarking tiles making machine, brick making machine, hollow block making machine.
  • Manufacturer Name:
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹2,750,000


J. K. Tiles Machinery's Fully Automatic, Semi auo & manual Hydraulic Mahines for manufacturing paver blocks(Coulourfull and without colour), cement & fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, hollow & solid blocks, kerb stones etc. Our Hydraulic Machines are driven by two types of technologies based on production output of the machine, specification, product to be manufactured, facilities etc. as follow: 1). J. K. VIBRO + HYDRO VERTICLE VIBRATION TECH. Fully automatic Multi Puropose & multi operations Hi speed hydraulic brick, paver blocks(Coloured & non coloured), concrete block, hollow & solid block, kerb stone etc. Frequency Conversional Control Technology FCCT Used for Automatic Block Making Machine utilize the frequency conversion Control technology, Keeping the precise and parallel movement between tamper and mould and avoiding its deformation. TECH. ADVANTAGES : Best Strength and Designed Impression on Each piece. Précised Dimensional Accuracy. Uniform Size with Controlled Height. 7.5Hp + 7.5 Hp Crompton/Havells motor for generate the Vibration in mould for quality purpose which is remove air bubbles in bricks & increase the strength of bricks & block with combine Technology. Products : JK EVEREST Series (JK-FAT EVEREST 1800 to 3200 8cvt to 32 Cvt ) 2). J. K. DOUBLE CYLINDER + VIBRO HYDRAULIC TECH. India's First Fully automatic double cylinder Hi Speed & powerful Pressurised system of hydraulic pressure machine TECH. ADVANTAGE : This automatic block making machine utilizes double proportional and directional Valves with high activity to regulate the oil flow and pressure automatically. Powerfull pressure system provides upto 320 tonnage (Depending on the model). Perfect Impression on each brick, pavers with accurate Dimension and size. product : JK LEGENDER series (JK-FAT LEGENDER 6 Cvt to 32 Cvt)