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Computarized Maintenance Management System
  • Category: Software
  • Keywords: Limble CMMS, Maintenance System, Maintenance Cost, maintenance Schedule, Running Predictive Maintenance Analytics, Repair and Maintenance
  • Manufacturer Name: Limble CMMS
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The Limble CMMS has the capability to trigger events based on specific inputs, being received automatically or manually to support PM, conditions-based maintenance et al. Fully functional spare parts mgt system with ROL and ROQ etc. is an important part of the solution. Technically the system is fully IT compliant and we will be only glad to share the specific to the IT team as and when they need the details. The solution is SaaS-based, which means there is no capital cost and it is purely on variable cost with no investments required for the servers etc. The most interesting thing is the solution comes in build, “Out Of the Box” with the ability to manage Maintenance at the Corporation level, followed by each plant, followed by each line/ asset class / followed by each subassembly followed by each component (you decide what level of penetration you want to have). Here is the value proposition of implementing the Limble CMMS solution: 1. Driven by Latest Technology : a. Mobile friendly and Mobile based solution (aid social distancing) –Designed for unified experience on mobile, laptop, and tablet. b. SaaS-based solution with 99.99% uptime and data security compliant. c. Bar code lookup: Custom QR code for an easy way to track asset/inventory and access tasks and create work requests. 2. Quickest to ROI ( within 2 weeks) : a. Ease of Adoption- Highly intuitive Limble interface results in 20%-30% increase in productivity . b. Decision making at the point of action results in improve transparency and 30%-35% saved downtime. c. Real Time Communication at all level has resulted in 1.8 M total time saved in hours for Limble customers. 3. Customizable Features: a. Dashboard, PM checklist, reports, and most of the features are easily customized as per business need asset criticality and user preference. b. No need for ERP experts for any changes/modifications. c. Real-time customized dashboards can be designed by individual user and shared within the organization. 4. Ease of integration: a. IIOT integration-ready for any digital output that can be provided to trigger maintenance events in real-time b. Integration with the existing system and business process like ERP, EAM, APM, HR systems, etc. c. Condition-based predictive maintenance solution- Limble can seamlessly integrate with existing condition monitoring sensors. 5. Improved Maintenance Statistics: a. Conclusive Maintenance data, Asset logs, and KPI reports facilitate proactive maintenance strategy and optimal asset reliability. b. Reduced reactive maintenance by as much as 73%, as a result of holistic preventive maintenance capability. c. Reduced true cost of repair by anywhere between 5 to 15 times due to reduced reactive maintenance. d. On average, inventory spend can be reduced by 20-25%. e. Average Increase of 16% in asset life span has resulted in fewer capital expenditures for Limble customers. 6. Ease of Operation and Deployment- a. Hassle-free transparent billing – No complication and contracts. Easy monthly/annual billing. b. Pure variable cost: No servers, IT setup etc required only pay per user commercial model. c. Amazing customer support- 24/7 customer support with a query turnaround time of a maximum of 10 minutes. d. No license requirement for breakdown work requests.

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