Ultrasonic Vapor Degreasing Machine (Solvent Based)
  • Model No: SUC-UVDS-1000
  • Category: Ultrasonic Equipment
  • Keywords: Vapor Degreaser, Ultrasonic Vapor Degreasing Machine, Degreasing machine, Ultrasonic Multistage Cleaning machine solvent based
  • Manufacturer Name: Supersonics
  • Packing size: Varies as per size
  • Price: ₹240,000


Product Details: 1. Heater S. S. Immersion type as per designing of machine. 2. Insulation provided from outside of vapor zone tank 3. Float switch provided to maintain minimum liquid level. 4. Condensing coil fabricated out of S. S. ½ ‘’ OD coils along with inlet and outlet 5. Water separator inbuilt for distillation process. 6. Thermostat is provided on the condensing coil to maintain the water temperature in the coil. A buzzer is provided to indicate the temperature of the water inside the condensing coil if it is above the preset temperature. 7. Digital timer and Temperature controller 8. 1’’ B.S.P. ball valve for drain 9. Alarm system in case of minimum requirement not achieved. 1. Power Input :- (a) 230V, 50 Hz 3 phase supply with Neutral and Earth (b) 415 V, 50 Hz 3 Phase supply with Neutral and Earth 2. Tank Capacity :- As per requirement. Options & Accessories 1. Customized basket or jig type arrangement 2. Lid (Manual or semi-automatic) 3. Ultrasonic arrangement along with Pre-cleaning can be provided. 4. False tray can be provided in case any component falls from basket or jig in tank.

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