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Xovak Pharmtech Pvt Ltd



Province/State: Gujarat

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Xovak Pharmtech is a dedicated Ayurvedic Pharma Company and IT company that laid its pillars in the year 2014 in Gujarat. The founders of this company have a keen Commitment-To serve Society. And the best way of realizing it is by bringing Happiness into the lives of people. Every Human being on Earth deserves to be happy. Luxuries and technological advancements that have become an utmost necessity today do bring some amount of happiness to our lives. But to be able to relish them one needs to be healthy. Health is nothing but a balanced state of one’s body, mind, and, spiritual well-being. Unfortunately, this most essential aspect of our lives is often and highly laid back. Eventually, this brings in all the various ailments that are acute, chronic, debilitating, or fatal in nature. The only way to tackle this problem is by treating the ailments and restoring health through the most ancient, traditional and, methodical science named Ayurveda.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

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Office Location: Gujarat

Alfalfa Capsule Bone and Joint Support, Pain relief, Wellness, Immunity and Blood purification
  • Model No: ALFA001
  • Category: Ayurvedic Products
  • Keywords: Reduces pain, inflammation and improves joint flexibility. Enhances the Bones and Joint health. Blood Purifier. Excellent power-packed & Nutrient-rich. Boosts Immunity & Promotes physical endurance. Improves digestion and body metabolism.
  • Manufacturer Name: XOVAK PHARMTECH
  • Packing size: 1
  • Price: ₹350


Alfalfa (Medina Sativa) is a traditional herbal medicine that has a history of being used extensively in India, China, Iran, and Turkey for treating various diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, menstrual problem, urine infections, arthritis, menopausal symptoms, etc. It has potential benefits and is an excellent anti-oxidant. It is equally low in calories so ideal for weight-conscious minds. King of Sprouts and Father of all Foods are some of the common terms used for it.