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  • Keywords: PIPE FITTINGS
  • Manufacturer Name: DURGA BRASS
  • Packing size: KGS.
  • Price: ₹450


Brass metal is highly durable in nature and this is the reason why automobile industries and other metal industries generally prefer brass to fabricate variety of components like pipe fittings, nipple fittings, plumbing fittings, screws or fasteners etc. We offer superior range of brass pipe fittings to our clients across worldwide. The efficiency and remarkable performance with assured quality of our brass products make them suitable for tough industry applications. Our brass components always assure leakage free connection fittings. They are manufactured under close supervision of experts and tested rigorously to work with tough environmental conditions. We have appointed expert team of skilled labor force to complete manufacturing task with ease and precision. The dimensional accuracy and high performance standards of our brass pipe fittings make them pretty much suitable for tough industry applications like automobile sectors, construction sites, gas pipelines, agricultural sector etc. Brass metal doesn’t get affected by harsh chemicals, soil, heat, acids or minerals. This is the reason why brass components are getting immensely popular during the last few years. They can be seen almost everywhere around us either it is our home or commercial areas. Our product range is very high from ½’’ to 4’’ inches of MALE & FEMALE ELBOS , ADAPTORS, REDUCING AND BULKHEAD COUPLINGS, PIPE PLUGS, REDUCING BUSHES TO CLOSE NIPPLES, LONG NIPPLES , UNIONS, TEE BOTH MALE FEMALE , 45 DEGEE OR FEMALE CROSS ETC. AND ALL AS PER CUSTOMERS NEEED AND DRAWINGS . We works on various major areas while designing or manufacturing our products – temperature, size, dimensions, and pressure and torque applid. These key areas help us in delivering high quality product that suits your industry requirements the most. The manufacturing of leakage free and well fitted components make well established Brass Pipe Fittings Manufacturers in industry . MATERIAL- Free cutting brass, high tensile forged brass or any other grade specified by our valued customers. WORKING PRESSURE - It mainly depends on application like in sanitary pipe fittings in resident, industrial or govt. purpose , oil and other liquid or in chemical industry or in case of hydraulic fluids etc. from 200 PSI to 800+ PSI AND other parameters please check tubing/pipe specifications. THREADING- Metric threads BSP, NPT, UNC or any other threads as per customers gives directions. FINSHING-Natural finish , chrome, nitric treatment or any other coating and finishing as per clients specifications