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Street Address: SRA 42, GOKULAM, RAJIV GANDHI JN, SRA 42, 11/916B, KOCHI


Province/State: Kerala

Country: India

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Business Details: Our project is focused on creating fully biodegradable tableware, such as single-use plates, cups, take away boxes, cutleries and glasses. The products consists of agriculture by-product (wheat bran or rice bran) other natural ingredients coated with natural binders THOOSHAN brand came into existence with a goal to provide a replacement for the current disposable plastic utensils on the market. Our mission is to start a cutlery revolution. Millions of single-use cutleries end up in landfills every year after being used once. Through our initiative, we hope to put an end to this behaviour and increase public awareness. THOOSHAN makes a range of plates, bowls made from natural wheat bran. THOOSHAN’s dishware has a longer shelf life which is fungus and bacteria resistant. Dishware from THOOSHAN is completely biodegradable and partially edible. However, you don’t always have to eat the plate; if you throw it away, it decomposes into organic manure for the plants. After its use, these tableware’s can be used as cattle feed, fish feed, or poultry feed. The use of single-use plastic could be reduced to large extent by this novel concept. Join us to change the way we eat and think about waste

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Biodegradable, Ecofriendly, Tableware, Sustainable, Plastic free, Zero Plastic, Green, Compostable, Bags, Dinner Plates, Drinking Straws, Cutleries, Disposable, Single use,

Office Location: Kerala

Biodegradable Wheat Bran Snack plates
  • Model No: 6inch round plates
  • Category: Agro and Agro Based Products and Commodities
  • Keywords: Wheat Bran, Dinner Plate, Edible, Biodegradable, Sustainable, Ecofriendly, Cattle feed, fish feed, Organic Manure, Poultry feed
  • Manufacturer Name: VIR Naturals P Ltd
  • Packing size: 40
  • Price: ₹200


Wheat Bran Plates : Brand Name: THOOSHAN Manufacturer: VIR Naturals PVT Ltd Product: Wheat Bran Biodegradable Plate HSN Code: 19059090 Raw Material: Wheat Bran We make 10-inch and 6-inch round plates from edible wheat bran. Our Plates are stable for an hour when used with hot curries and other food items. We ensure they are stiff, leakproof, and microwave friendly, making them an excellent substitute for Plastic, Paper, Bagasse, or Areca palm plates. After eating, you can quickly dispose of it in the kitchen waste bin or use it as cattle feed, poultry feed, fish feed or organic manure. Shelf life -- 12 months. Certified by CSIR NIIST, Trivandrum.