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Nav Ayush Private Limited

Street Address: Sitapura

City: Jaipur

Province/State: Rajasthan

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: NavAyurveda provides Ayurvedic medicines for deaddiction and health concerns like immunity, liver, digestion and men's health.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Anti-addiction ayurvedic medicine, stamina, immunity booster, blood purifier, ashwagandha ras, liver tonic, ayurvedic medicines, triphala juice, punarnava ras

Office Location: Rajasthan

NavAyurveda Lixomax Syrup
  • Category: Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicines
  • Keywords: liver tonic, liver detox, liver disease, digestion, ayurvedic medicine for digestion
  • Manufacturer Name: AMV Botanics Private Limited
  • Packing size: 500ml
  • Price: ₹750


With NavAyurveda’s Livomax Syrup (Liver- Detox. Repair. Revitalize), you can give your liver natural care and repair. It contains 12 liver invigorating herbs including kutki, bhu amla and chirayata which help in supporting liver health and rectifying liver related disorders. Other herbs support digestion and metabolism, thus improving overall liver functioning.