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Street Address: Plot no. 02/7, Fbd Industrial Park,

City: Faridabad

Province/State: Haryana

Country: India

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Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: uPVC PIPES & Accesories

Office Location: Haryana

Polycare 20mm Medium UPVC Conduits Pipe
  • Category: Pipes and Pipe Fittings
  • Keywords: Conduit Pipes, uPVC Conduit Pipes, Electrical Pipes, Wire Pipes, Electrical Wire Pipes
  • Manufacturer Name: Polycare
  • Packing size: 40
  • Price: ₹60


Polycare uPVC Conduit Pipes are made of the best PVC resin, these pipes are used to carry/cover electric wires in residential and commercial places. Product Overview: Material Excellence: Our pipes are crafted from the finest PVC resin, ensuring top-notch quality and durability. Rigid & Flexible: Polycare uPVC Conduit Pipes are a perfect blend of rigidity and flexibility, catering to diverse installation needs. Shock-Proof: With excellent impact resistance, these pipes provide optimal protection to enclosed wires. Long-Lasting: Their durability guarantees a long product life, reducing the need for replacements. High Resistance: These pipes offer impressive resistance to crushing, bending, and various environmental factors. Use Cases: Residential & Commercial: Ideal for securing and managing electric wires in both residential and commercial settings. Salient Features:- Polycare uPVC Conduit Pipes are: Weather-Proof: Built to withstand adverse weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. Fire Retardant: Reduces the risk of fire propagation, enhancing safety. Non-Toxic & Hygienic: Ideal for applications where safety and hygiene are paramount. Higher Mechanical Strength: Provides superior protection and longevity for electrical wiring. Lightweight & Easy Installation: Easy to transport and install, saving time and effort. Long Life: Ensures durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Cost-Efficient: Offers superior performance at a lower cost compared to traditional alternatives. Business Benefits: Enhanced Product Portfolio: Dealers can enrich their offerings with a trusted, consumer-friendly electrical conduit solution. Swift Delivery: With a delivery time of 2-3 days, our products cater to the fast-paced business environment. Well-Packaged Sizes: Various sizes are available, ensuring a suitable option for every application. Empowering Dealerships: Polycare uPVC Conduit Pipes provide dealers with a reliable, consumer-centric solution, making it an ideal addition to their product portfolio. Electrical Pipe Manufacturer: Our legacy of quality and excellence is at your disposal. Explore the potential of Polycare's Plastic Conduit Pipes to boost your business.