Bale Breaker
  • Category: Engineering Goods and Equipment
  • Keywords: Bale Breaker
  • Manufacturer Name: Miteck Systems
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  • Price: ₹350,000


Bale breaker machine is a device which helps in the breaking of bale which is made from Paddy straw. The basic objective of bale breaking machine is to brake the bale of paddy straw in proper way i.e. into a fine pieces and then supply this paddy straw matter to furnace through the dozing screw. Different aspects of paddy straw breaking machine which will be helpful for the agriculture industry to move towards mechanization. Generally it is observed that in sugar industry when juice is extracted from sugarcane after that the remaining material which is fibrous residue called as paddy straw generally get wasted. This waste cannot use for any purpose in other industries but in sugar industry this waste cannot throw out. By removing the moisture content from fibrous residue it compressed with the help of baling machine. The outcome product is rectangular form which is known as bale. The bale which is used in sugar industry for the generation of steam in boiler act as fuel. This bale is beaked in paddy straw bale breaking machine then this braked bale is used into the combustion chamber.