PIOSA Herbal Lemon Tea | 500 Grams | Ready to drink Premix | Boost Digestion | Detoxifies body
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  • Manufacturer Name: Utkarsh Ayurved
  • Packing size: 500 Gram
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PIOSA Herbal Lemon Tea is a Premix powdered formulation. It has awesome taste and Freshness due to the presence of Lemon, Ashwagandha, Black Pepper, Dalchini, Black Salt and Roasted Cumin which itself is a divine combination and helps with many digestive problems , releases stress , anxiety, fatigue, etc. The Premix allows it to be made instantaneously which saves time and increases flexibility for user to have this drink anywhere at the go. All you need is a cup of hot water and there you have the PIOSA Herbal Lemon tea. Key Benefits of PIOSA Herbal Lemon Tea Detoxifies The Body Most of the health benefits of Piosa herbal lemon tea attribute to the fact that it cleanses your body by removing toxins from the system. These toxins invite various kinds of diseases and infections. The citric acid content in Piosa is remarkably high, aiding in purifying the liver. Consuming Piosa empty stomach in the morning assists in getting rid of all the wastes and toxins accumulated in the liver and thereby detoxifies the body completely. Helps in Reliving Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue Ashwagandha has been used in ayurved for thousands of years asa Rasayana (Rejuvenative). It is a renowned adaptogenic. Ashwagandha present in PIOSA Herbal Lemon Tea has a property for reliving stress, anxiety and fatigue and hence it helps in lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Boosts Digestive Function Piosa contains black pepper, cumin seeds, dalchini, enhancing gut health and regulating metabolism. Sipping on a cup of Piosa after a heavy meal significantly improves digestion. It helps in digestion, as it helps the liver to function smoothly. Help Reliveing Cold And Flu Piosa is helpful in relieving cold and flu symptoms. In case of cold and flu, you can drink it 3 to 4 times daily. It will not only give relief from a sore throat, but also boost your immune system. It soothes throat, in the cases of cough or cold. Facilitates Iron Absorption Tea, in general, can interfere with the absorption of non-heme iron by your body. However, in the case of lemon tea, the vitamin C can boost non-heme iron absorption. Thus, adding lemon juice to tea can counteract this adverse effect of tea

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