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Street Address: Amutham Nagar

City: Karur

Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: An export and Domestic Trade of Various Processed Agro products

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Moringa Leaves powder, Banana powder, Amla powder, Green chilly powder, Mint leaves powder, Curry leaves powder, Neem Leaves powder, Corn Starch, Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch

Office Location: Tamil Nadu

  • Category: Spices and Seasonings
  • Keywords: mint leaves powder
  • Manufacturer Name:
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹450


A little bit of mint can go a long way! MINT LEAVES POWDER is the perfect solution for quickly and conveniently adding the health benefits of mint to human daily routine. Process of Production: Mint leaves are meticulously sourced from organic farms that use sustainable practices. The leaves are quickly dried after harvest to lock in the aromatic mint oils and active plant compounds. The leaves are gently grounded the l into a fine powder that dissolves rapidly. Features and Benefits: Supports healthy respiratory function and clear breathing Contains antioxidants which boosts immune system to help fight illness Freshens breath and promotes oral health Soothes stress, anxiety, and depression Eases indigestion, bloating, and stomach upset This concentrated powder makes it easy to get a strong minty flavor and all the wellness perks of mint leaves in one simple product. Applications: Just a sprinkle in water, smoothie or tea is all it takes! Mint leaves powder can used in home and restaurant cooking to make soups, sauces, stews and briyani. Used in making chutneys, sambar, rasam, meat and poultry dishes Can be used in making fresh tea which refreshes mind. Whether looking for an immunity boost, stress relief, better digestion, fresh breath, or just love the scent of mint, our mint leaves powder is the perfect solution. Add a little to daily routine and experience the incredible benefits of mint for whole!