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Airtel brings end-to-end e-Commerce platform for SMEs

Bharti Airtel, a leading global telecommunications services provider, Sunday announced that it will offer Shopify, end-to-end e-commerce solution to SOHO and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by provisioning the service through its cloud platform.

"Shopify, a hosted e-commerce platform is powered by Airtel's internet products like DSL and ILP enables SOHO and small and medium enterprises to create an online store to manage their e-commerce presence with great ease," said company release. 

"It offers customizable site templates, an integrated shopping cart, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, inventory management and analytics." it added.

Customer benefits includes end-to-end e-Commerce platform for prices as low as Rs. 818/- per month, over 100 customizable site templates to choose from, integration to major payment gateways, enables Social Media Integration with USD 50 worth Facebook Credit, SEO & Email marketing enabling customers high quality search traffic and inventory management & analytics to track, measure and up-sell products.

According to release, in India, today only 5 percent of SMEs have been able to expand on the digital platform, with Shopify more SMEs and entrepreneurs will be empowered to expand their digital reach. 

Airtel's data solutions such as DSL, ILP, 3G and 4G bundled with Shopify will offer all the features needed to host an e-Commerce platform such as built in m-Commerce shopping cart, payment gateways, social media integration which will be backed with requisite logistic support.

Airtel's Internet products and Shopify's Content Delivery Network ensure the website load times are super quick from anywhere, anytime. The solution from Airtel allows customers to reach their audience via different sources like email marketing, social media integration and management apps which makes shopping on Shopify stores a wonderful social experience, the release said.

Shopify is the latest addition to Airtel's SAAS portfolio which is host to a bouquet of services like ERP, Tally, Accounting packages, CRM management etc on Cloud enabled platform, release added.