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'Apparel exports surge 13 pc in last 6-months'

On account of increase in global demand, apparel exports from country has shown a positive growth of almost 13 percent in last six months, Chairman of Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC), Dr. A. Sakhtivel said on Monday.

"From the last six months apparel exports are recording the positive growth of almost 13 percent," Sakhtivel said a Workshop of Expert Working Group on Content Development and Training Strategy for effective implementation of DISHA AEPC-CCC at Apparel House, Gurgaon.

"India is definitely going to be the most preferred sourcing destination for the next five years because of the changing global sourcing dynamics," he added.

He emphasised that global brands are eying for India. 

"We have the raw material strengths and compliant factories. Global buyers such as Wal-Mart and Zara have preferred to expand their merchandise sourcing from Coimbatore and other parts of India which may fetch business of USD 3 billion in 2013-14, as factory compliant manufacturing in India has surged," he added.

In his inaugural address, Chairman AEPC stated that the Indian apparel industry aims to chart for itself a course to make India a preferred and chosen destination for the global textile and Apparel Trade and  DISHA providing this platform to achieve sustainable competitiveness which is an important strategy for growth today. 

"The objective of this workshop is to see that DISHA is aligned to global requirements for compliance management and has good acceptability," he added.

Dr. Sakthivel further informed that, DISHA would be covering 800 garment factories under the 12th plan. He thanked government for providing all support for the programme.

DISHA implementation on ground started from January 2012 and the phase one has been completed successfully. As the programme is a first-of-its kind and evolving , a need was felt to review its second phase this year. 

To ensure robustness and credibility of the critical elements of the programme, i.e the code elements, the scope and approach of the capacity building interventions and assessment and strategy for global endorsement, the Project Implementation Committee of AEPC- DISHA has formed three expert working groups. 

Expert working group has been formed along with the relevant stakeholder in that area to capture and synergize the emerging and evolving needs of the compliance into DISHA fold.