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Best is yet to come for UK-India ties: David Cameron

LONDON: Describing Britain's ties with India as "a special relationship", Prime MinisterDavid Cameron has said the best is yet to come for bilateral relations. 

Cameron congratulated India on the eve of its 67th Independence Day and praised "vibrancy of its democracy, the strength of its diversity and the power of its economy." 

In an article published by Asian Lite here, the British prime minister said he want to strengthen the relationship between the "world's oldest democracy and its largest." 

"Our two nations have a special relationship: a long standing one between the world's oldest democracy and its largest," Cameron said. 

"Ours is not a friendship based just on diplomacy and protocol, but one nurtured through shared culture and experience. And as we look to the future, I want those bonds to be strengthened further still," Cameron said. 

"In the tough world of today we face many daunting challenges but together we are far better to overcome them. For all we have achieved already, the best is yet to come," he said. 

The Conservative Party leader, who led the largest British business delegation to visit India, said he is proud of Britain's close bond with India. 

"I am proud of Britain's close bond with India, and I'm delighted to have this opportunity to mark Independence Day," Cameron wrote. 

"When I visited India earlier this year a number of things struck me: the vibrancy of its democracy, the strength of its diversity and the power of its economy. It was a trip full of memories that I will treasure forever: playing cricket in the famous Maidan in Mumbai, visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar and, of course, meeting 
Bollywood hero Aamir Khan in Delhi," he said. 

"Above all, the trip taught me this: sixty six years on from India's independence, the relationship between our two countries has never been stronger," Cameron said. 

He also noted the contribution of Indian businesses to UK economy. 

"Great Indian firms like 
Tata Group have a huge presence in this country, while household British names like Vodafone, JCB and Serco all do business in the other direction," the prime minister said. 

"The overall figures are also impressive. Britain is now the largest European investor in India, and Indian investment in Britain is more than half the total flowing into the whole of the
European Union," he said. 

Cameron also praised the Indian community in Britain. "The British Indian community have enriched this country beyond measure," the prime minister said, adding that aspiration, personal responsibility and respect for the rule of law run through British Indians like a stick of rock.