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Censor Black Targets Creation Of 8 Mn Jobs In MSME Sector

Telangana headquartered blockchain based financial services provider Censor Black today announced it will target the creation of 8 million jobs over the next 3 years in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector across the world.

Censor Black is a reliable and collaborative DeFi platform that serves investors and SME supply chains. Its platform extends financial services by providing blockchain-enabled solutions to create additional revenue sources for manufacturing SMEs by tokenizing their under-utilized assets.

Raghav Gupta, Founder of Censor Black said accessibility of finance is a big issue in MSMEs around the world and that Censor Black aims to solve this by promoting growth and generating employment while creating low-risk investment opportunities for everyone in the space.

“We wish to support entrepreneurs and industries of the future. India offers a huge untapped market in this regard and we aspire to capitalize on this growing opportunity. Our team is full of creative and ambitious people who envision Censor Black becoming the biggest DeFi lending platform in the coming years,” Gupta said.

Raj Kapoor, Advisor at Censor Black said the sector is going through a major historical shift in terms of how businesses are being operated and the support systems which are now available,” said. “We are taking a giant leap towards providing that ever-present need of finance to any small or medium enterprise. Our mission is to decentralize finance and provide that much-needed boost to the MSME sector with minimum hassle and paperwork,” Kapoor said.

Censor Black seeks to bridge the divide among large and small enterprises by leveraging blockchain technology and enabling under-utilized resources to circulate. By fostering the industrial growth and efficiency of MSMEs, some of the biggest issues of developing nations like India can be solved, according to Gupta.