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CII cluster project saves Rs 5 crore for Ludhiana units

Ludhiana, May 23 (KNN)  When seven Ludhiana based companies got together to form a 'cluster for competitiveness' last July with the objective of learning and sharing from each other, it resulted in a total saving of Rs five crore.  Encouraged by the success of the initiative, more such clusters will be launched in Punjab, said Chairman CII Punjab.
The Ludhiana Cluster project is an initiative of the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) under which units of a cluster are provided expert guidance from CII Avantha Centre for Competitiveness for SMEs.
While sharing his views, Chairman, CII Punjab State Council, Sanjeev Pahwa said, “In today’s world the Indian industry is facing severe competition from international organizations due to liberalization and opening up of the market. To face this global competition and to grow in this competitive scenario, the industry has to be cost competitive and should be innovative, as this will help organizations to grow  and  will make them capable of facing the global challenge.”  
“CII’s aim is to see the Indian SMEs integrate strongly into the global supply chain and for this CII Punjab has taken an important initiative to promote competitiveness in Punjab, through Cluster Formation Approach,” he added.
The objective of the cluster initiative is to strengthen the Indian small and medium enterprises to meet the requirements of global competitiveness with the fast changing environment.
CII is now looking at launching more clusters in Punjab even as one will be launched shortly in Ludhiana.  It seeks the support of all industries of the state by joining CII clusters and benefitting from the services of experts.   
Commenting on the project, Principal Counsellor, CII Avantha Centre for Competitiveness for SMEs, Ravinder Kumar said that during the last 8 months companies under the Ludhiana Cluster, were able to enhance their manufacturing capabilities, improve their product quality and manpower management by many folds.  When the project comes to an end in July 2014, he believes that the companies would have save approximately Rs 9 crore in total.
Established in 2004, the CII-AVANTHA Centre for Competitiveness (CFC) for SMEs is a one stop shop for SME development.  The CII Centre for Excellence conducts various activities and projects across India and plays the role of a guide and mentor for SMEs by its ‘Cluster Approach’, which enables SMEs to learn through sharing of knowledge with other Cluster companies.   
Best Practices and a detailed road map for enhancing productivity and efficiency for Cluster companies, is charted and implemented by qualified and expert counsellors of the Centre. 
The Centre works exclusively to enhance the competitiveness of MSMEs, through interventions in areas such as manufacturing excellence, energy efficiency, cost management, total employee involvement etc. The pro-active international engagements of the Centre of Excellence ensure that they are in tune with the cutting edge of global competitiveness in order to transmit the same to the Indian SMEs.
Majestic Auto Limited, Ludhiana, Ajay Industries Limited, Jalandhar, Eurodec Paints Limited, Ludhiana, Eurodec Paints Ltd, Ludhiana, Mrs. Bector’s Food Specialties Limited, Ludhiana, Ralson India Limited, Ludhiana and Shakunt Enterprises Ltd, Ludhiana, Sukhjit Agro Industries Limited are companies which belong to the Ludhiana Cluster.