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Coir Board selects international fairs for MSMEs participation

New Delhi, Sept 4 (KNN)  The Coir Board which provides assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises to participate in international fairs, as a part of its central sector scheme of export market promotion has identified exhibitions to which it will encourage MSME participation in 2014-15.

Participation is open to manufacturers, entrepreneurs and exporters of coir.

List of exhibitions selected for participation by the Coir Board during 2014-15 are Infdex in Doha, Qatar (20-25 October), International Horticulture Trade Fair in Holland (5-7 November), Tirana International Trade Fair in Albania (22-26 November), Domotex International Trade Fair in Hannover, Germany (17-20 January 2015), Surfaces in Las Vegas, USA (21-23 January 2015), IPM in Essen, Germany (27-30 January 2015), IECA Annual Expo Conference and Expo in Portland, Oregon, USA (15-18 February 2015) and Central Asia Home Textile Almaty in Kazakhstan (March 2015), according to official data.

While Germany, USA and the Netherlands are established markets, Qatar, Albania and Kazakhstan are virgin markets.

Coir Board is implementing the Central Sector Scheme of Export Market Promotion with a view to improve the export performance of Indian Coir Sector through various export market promotion activities such as sponsoring delegations, participation in seminars and conferences, organising participation in international fairs, undertaking generic publicity abroad.

It extends financial assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises and exporters, and presents Coir Industry Awards on an annual basis to recognize outstanding performance in the areas of export, domestic trade, R&D, functioning of units and societies.  
India is the largest producer and exporter of coir (yarn, coir pith, coir mats, matting, carpets and rugs) in the world with a share of 70 per cent of coir yarn, semi-finished raw materials and 75 per cent of finished coir products in global trade. However, with the advent of liberalization, coir faces stiff competition not only from cheap synthetic substitutes but also fibres like Jute, sisal, abaca, cotton, wool, etc.

The main destinations for export of coir products are USA, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. There is considerable scope for furthering the exports through product diversification and exploration of new markets for conventional and non-conventional end use application.

Creation of additional employment opportunities to rural poor through promotion of exports and consequent increased utilization of existing raw material also calls for continued governmental support to this sector.

Adoption of strategic and aggressive product-specific and market-specific promotional programmes for popularizing coir and coir products in markets abroad, supporting the export oriented industry with modernization programme so that the Coir Industry attains sustainable development, are the broad objectives of this Scheme.