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Coir Board to set up new manufacturing units in Kerala

Kochi, Dec 27 (KNN) With a view to producing and popularising coir-based products, the Coir Board wants to set up new manufacturing units for producing diversified and modernized coir products.
The new manufacturing units will be producing the coir products like- coir wood, coir pith, janatha mattress, mats and mattings, coir laminates, coir fibre, coir bags etc.
The manufacturing units, which are likely to create more employment opportunities in the rural sector of the state, will be set up under the rejuvenation, modernisation and technology up-gradation (REMOT) scheme in the state.
The scheme aims to develop the supply of basic raw material at the grass root level of the coir industry to ensure continuous supply of quality coir yarn throughout the year. 
The main objectives of setting up the units is to modernize coir industry by adoption of modern technology in production and processing of coir, and up-gradation of the production and processing technology for improving the productivity and quality.
The Coir Board has invited bids to set up the new manufacturing units at the project cost of Rs 5 lakh for tiny units and Rs 2 lakh for spinning unit.
Under the scheme, term loan of 55 per cent and subsidy of 40 per cent of the project cost along with the beneficiary contribution of 5 per cent will also be given to the manufacturing units.
Remot scheme of the Coir Industry was launched during 2007-08, on a pilot basis, to facilitate the sustainable development of the spinning and tiny/household weaving units of the coir industry by providing proper work sheds and enabling replacement of traditional age old ratts with motorized ratts in the Spinning sector and replacement of traditional looms with the mechanized looms in the Tiny/Household sector in the first phase, during XI Plan. 
Coir Board is a statutory body established by the Government of India under a legislation enacted by the Parliament namely Coir Industry Act 1953 (45 of 1953) for the promotion and development of Coir Industry in India as a whole.