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Digital projector sales up 30 per cent

MUMBAI: Shipments of digital projectors in the country grew 30 per cent to nearly 2.54 lakh units in 2012 over the previous year, a report by CyberMedia Research (CMR) today said. 

Education sector continued to be the biggest driver of 
digital projector sales (accounting for 40 per cent of shipments in 2012), followed by mid-size and small businesssegments, CMR said in its India Half Yearly Digital Projector Market Review. 

"India's education sector is moving towards the digital age. Educational system integrators are booming in India and helping to cater to the growing requirement of audio-visual equipment," CMR Lead Analyst InfoTech Practice Sumanta Mukherjee said. 

The India digital projector market in the corporate segment was traditionally dominated by large businesses. 

"However, the market has slowly witnessed a shift towards mid-size and small business segments, particularly after the 2008 global economic slowdown. Increased penetration of mobile computing devices like notebook PCs in the SMB sector has also contributed to new use cases emerging for projectors," Mukherjee said. 

The home/small office 
home office (SOHO) segment also holds potential for uptake of digital projectors, especially with the launch of models that support features like HD, short-throw, 3D, Wi-Fi etc. 

"Vendors like Epson, BenQ, Panasonic and others hope to encash this opportunity. However, the prevailing low consumer sentiments are acting as a barrier to growth," Mukherjee said. 

BenQ dislodged 2011 leader InFocus from its top position with 18 per cent share, followed by Epson with 16 per cent and Hitachi with 12 per cent share in unit shipment terms. 

InFocus, witnessing channel and top management restructuring during 2012, lost share and slipped to fifth position in terms of unit shipments. 

Panasonic, with nine per cent share jumped to fourth spot this year from number 8 in 2011. 

In revenue terms, the India market touched Rs 690 crore in 2012, witnessing a growth of 23 per cent over the previous year. However, the average sales value (ASV) of digital projectors in the country declined by five per cent over 2011. 

CMR said the market continued its shift towards LCD due to better quality of projection and lower power consumption as well as less heat generation as compared to DLP. 

The proportion of shipments for DLP projectors declined to 54 per cent in 2012 as against 58 per cent in 2011.