Domestic Pharma Growth Improves for the month of May

Sequentially, the domestic pharma industry staged an improvement for the month of May. According to data compiled by PharmaTrac, at 9.9%, the growth is best in the year 2013. 

There was an improvement of growth in case of the anti-infectives segment, being the largest category in the Indian pharmaceutical market constituting nearly 18% of the industry revenues. From therapy perspective 9 therapies have outgrown the IPM growth. Respiratory market grew at 10.4%, anti-diabetic market increased 12.5% and cardiac at 12.9% in chronic business. Amongst top 10 therapies, Neuro/CNS market grew the highest at 13.2%. 

Amongst the top 10 companies, Zydus group of companies grew at 24.3%, 
Sun PharmaBSE 0.67 % at 21.2%, & RanbaxyBSE 1.48 %registered growth of 20.2%.