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Engineering colleges, government anchor Bhubaneswar’s edtech ecosystem

Bhubaneswar is among the major cities in Odisha that has been the beneficiary of the several initiatives undertaken by the state government under the Startup Odisha programme, aimed to catalyse growth, innovation and collaboration.

While Bhubaneswar, with a population of 4.2 crore (2011 Census), is home to startups in many fields, edtech has been seen as being one of the fastest growing categories in the last 10 years. “Bhubaneswar is a prominent city for innovation due to a host of reaso ..

Industry stakeholders say that several educational institutes are located in and around the city. This and a comparatively lower operational cost make Bhubaneswar an ideal fit and catalyst for tech-based startups. In addition, several big names in the corporate world such as TCS and Infosys have their offices here.

Odisha has over 30,000 BTech seats. While over 4,000 are in government colleges, around 30,000 are in the 85 or so private engineering colleges in the region.

“Bhubaneswar’s proximity to so many engineering and research colleges was a big factor for me to launch my startup here,” says Ashutosh Kumar Shandilya, Founder of TechBairn. “That also makes it our largest market due to the demand it has for our edtech product ..

At the Startup Leadership Conclave 2023 organised by ETGovernment, Omkar Rai, Executive Chairman of Startup Odisha, had said that the initiative had funded 350 startups directly and generated over 15,000 new jobs in 2021–22.

While the state government has done a top job in creating an efficient startup ecosystem in the state, industry stakeholders hope the government will provide them working spaces under its O-Hub initiative at further affordable rates.