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Entrepreneurship programme on supply chain management

New Delhi, Jan 6 (KNN)  In an effort to improve operational efficiency of SMEs, the MSME Technology Development Centre (TDC), Agra is organising an entrepreneurship development programme (EDP) on supply chain management (SCM).

The programme is scheduled to be held from January 18-19 and February 1-2 in Noida.

The course will focus on key applications like demand forecasting, master planning and materials requirements planning, Japanese concepts like Lean and JIT as well as helping participants understand the nuances of purchasing and the art of negotiation.

The four-day programme will highlight a series of courses like introduction to SCM, capacity management and inventory management, CRM basics, purchasing and physical distribution.

Suitable for executives, managers, project managers, business analysts, management trainees from manufacturing and services sectors, engineering and MBA students, the SCM course will help participants understand powerful concepts which will be presented in a lucid and applications oriented manner.

Logistics and supply chain sector has witnessed double digit growth in the last 10 years and is expected to continue the strong growth for another 10 to 15 years in the country. The key challenge for industries in the sector is the availability of skilled manpower to sustain growth in lieu of this prevailing situation.