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ET MSME Talks | Building resilient MSMEs: Why healthcare is critical for MSME growth

he MSME sector is known as the growth engine of the Indian economy, it currently employs over 110 million people. It is pertinent that we ensure the well-being of the MSME workforce in order to build a resilient and robust infrastructure within this sector.

Employee healthcare coverage in terms of group health insurance is alarmingly low in this sector and to discuss how we address this issue and create more awareness about the benefits of insurance amongst MSMEs, ET Digital organised a session on the topic ‘Building resilient MSMEs: Why healthcare is critical for MSME growth’ as part of the ET MSME Talk series. Watch Kulin Shah, Co-Founder, Onsurity and Mukesh Mohan Gupta, President of MSME association Chamber of Indian Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (CIMSME) deliberate on the benefits of the insurance coverage for MSMEs, the challenges faced by them in availing affordable insurance covers and the different policies introduced by the government to boost insurance penetration in the sector, and more with Miloni Bhatt, Editor - Digital Broadcast, EconomicTimes.com.