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'Exporters need to adopt global standards in shipping'

Experts feel that Indian exporters are not following the international standards precisely for shipping goods abroad due to which tons of consignment are lying at the ports and affecting the exports growth in the country.

"Our exports are affected. Many exporters are not following global standards while shipping goods to and fro. The consignments are lying at the ports for many days as buyers are not accepting goods that are not meeting the international standards," Vandana Jain, Senior Manager (Strategic Alliances), GS1 India said during a Multimodal Logistics Conference in New Delhi organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday.

She added all stakeholders need to adopt the international standards to increase exports from the country. They need to communicate and identify the right standards adopted in the EU and US.

This will help to increase efficiency, security, safety and visibility of Indian products in the foreign markets, Jain mentioned.

Dwelling his views on this issue further, Vivek Kele, Secretary, The Association of Multimodal Transport Operators of India (AMTOI) said, "There are different standards applicable to different industries. We should use the global standards, which will help our manufacturing have more acceptability in the foreign markets."

He pointed out that many buyers want the goods should meet the international standards. If their requirements are not met they do not accept the goods.

Opining further he told SME Times, "The quality of packing needs to be improved. I think there are very good guidelines that are set by Indian Institute of Packing."

He has urged exporters to invest in adopting global standards and update with international quality. This will help exporters and manufacturers to produce and sell goods of international quality with less pain. In fact, right quality and price will also attract buyers.

The revenue growth for the logistics sector is expected to touch USD 200 billion by 2020. India's exports decreased 1.76 percent to USD 300.6 billion in 2012-13 and imports increased by a marginal 0.44 percent to USD 491.48 billion.

The cumulative exports during April-June 2013-14 declined 1.41 per cent to USD 72.45 billion. However, imports during the period were up 5.99 per cent to USD 122.6 billion. The trade deficit for April-June 2013-14 was at $50.18 billion.

Also, exports in June 2013 dipped 4.56 per cent to $23.78 billion compared with $24.92 billion in June 2012, while imports declined by a smaller 0.37 per cent to $36.03 billion compared with $36.16 billion last year.