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Food Corp of India to allot 10,000 MT of wheat to small traders

Jaipur, Dec 19 (KNN) In a bid to check inflationary trends, the Ministry of CAF & PD, under its Open Market Sale Scheme (OMSS) domestic, wants to allot 10,000 MT of wheat to small traders in the Rajasthan region through the process of tendering.

As much as 10,000 MT of wheat will be allotted at the cost of Rs 1, 578 per quintal excluding taxes.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution (CAF & PD) had earlier, in its letter in 2009, had intimated allocation of 5 Lakh tones and guidelines for sale of wheat to the small processors through open tenders to be floated by Food Corporation of India (FCI).

The powers of the state governments to allocate wheat to small processors under OMSS were withdrawn by the Ministry of CAF & PD in order to avoid duplication.

“The reserve price for sale to small processors was the same as that fixed for sale of wheat to bulk consumers through tenders under OMSS (D),” FCI said in a notification.

“Wheat will be sold through a process of tendering to bulk consumers, who have processing units using wheat as raw material,” it added.

The installed capacity of such processing units will not be less than 30 tonnes per month.

As the scheme is intended to enable the Government to intervene effectively through releases periodically at short notice, financial bids will be invited giving only three days’ notice. FCI will give the information regarding this to all empanelled parties concerned in the region.